Diddy Believes Its Time To Own A Football Team: “It’s Time”


During the controversy last year surrounding Colin Kaepernick, we’ve seen numerous celebrities stand by Kaepernick and fought with him. The NFL owners we’re being called out on their wrong doings by some of the top names in the industry. Some even took it to another level and decided to stop watching the NFL totally.

Diddy was one of the few celebrities that stood out and used his power for good. While the fight was going on, Diddy made it clear that he wanted to own his own team. This created a huge buzz and excitement throughout the world and definitely for NFL players in the league currently. It’s safe to say that other team owners weren’t happy with this because they know most players would want to play for Diddy.

As Jerry Richardson was asked to step down as the owner of the Carolina Panthers following reports of sexual harassment and racial harassment, Diddy decided to try and capitalize on the opportunity, calling on Steph Curry to join him in acquiring the team.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go the way Diddy planned, losing out in the first round of bids for the Panthers and in June made a announcement that he was no long interested in owning a team saying he didn’t want to be “associated with oppressing black men.”

Now he seems to be rejuvenated after being in attendance for the Super Bowl in Atlanta this year.

Ahead of Sunday’s game, TMZ caught up with the mogul and asked if he would reconsider owning a team and to that he confirmed, “It’s time.”

With that being said, The New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft still supports Diddy and his goal of owning a team. In a interview with TMZ, Kraft stated that he hopes that Diddy will chase after the goal of being a owner in the league.

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