Sean Mac


Homebase: Chicago, IL
Catalog: Open Format | Hip Hop | Afro beat | Latin / Reggeaton | Trap | EDM | House
Affiliations: 10.75 WGCI (The morning show) iHeart Radio, Jordan,Nike, EFFEN, Avion, Hennessy, The academy, Belaire rose.
Career Highlights: Sean Mac is an established brand as one of the most sought after DJ’s in Chicago/Midwest, Nominated GSA Regional club Dj of the year 3 times & won in 2012, Currently on iHeart Radio / WGCI (The morning show rush hour mix at 8am)

Sean Mac Djs 3-5 days a week in Chicago but has also played at some of the hottest nightclubs in the states & is also a resident DJ in LA @ 1Oak, Penthouse, GreyStone manor // Emerson // Argyle // Henrys & HYDE // Also played in NYC several times @ Green House NYC // Bijou boston // LIV in Miami  // & Dozens of premier nightclubs around the world.

Yearly he’s flown out & plays AllStar weekend, Superbowl, Essence, CIAA, Dominican Republic, San Juan, & more. including rocking parties alongside some of the world’s top Djs: DJ MOS, Jazzy Jeff, Diplo, Vice, Just incredible, Fred Matters, DJ Prostyle, Kid Capri, Atrak, Khaled & tons of Skam Artist Djs… the list goes on. The Chicago native not only spins at clubs and exclusive events in Chicago but flys out to Switzerland & Paris to play yearly. Sean Mac has a LOT to offer and will continue to rise to the thru his skill set and work ethic.

Sean Mac


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